Comenius 11 juin

Le club Comenius se réunira le jeudi 11 juin à 13h en salle 121 pour faire le point et

Coulsdon Thursday

Today we took the train to go to Brighton where we saw the Brighton Royal Pavillion. We also went to the Brighton Beach and the Brighton Pier but we didn't stay very long because it was heavily raining. The children enjoyed shopping again. Then we celebrated the end of the Comenius project with a dinner and a dance.

Coulsdon Wednesday

We went sightseeing in London today and saw Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden and Big Ben. We did a bit of shopping and came back around 6:00.

No photos today because I couldn't get the ones our chief photographer Simon took.

Coulsdon Tuesday

This morning we started at 9.00 with assembly. About 400 very quiet young children....

Coulsdon Monday

This morning we were welcomed by the headmaster.

Comenius in Coulsdon

We had nice flights and everything is fine. We were welcomed by the host families at Heathrow Airport. The children are in their host families...and the sun's shining!

Comenius 20-24 avril

Mardi et jeudi à 13h se réuniront les élèves du club qui préparent la mobilité en Angleterre et ceux qui les aident. Les autres peuvent considérer qu'ils sont en vacances jusqu'à la semaine d'après notre retour.

Comenius 7-10 avril

La semaine prochaine le club Comenius se réunira mardi et jeudi à 13h en salle 121.

Pour le voyage en Angleterre...

Comenius semaine du 30 mars

Mardi 31 mars à 13h en salle 121, tous les élèves du Comenius sont conviés pour faire un point sur la suite du projet avec M. Hérault.

Tekirdag 4

Fourth day with our Turkish hosts and our European partners.

Tekirdag 3

Third day with our Turkish hosts and our European partners.

Tekirdag 2

Second Day with our Turkish hosts and our European partners.